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Eurgh. Liberal supporters be damned.
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Tonight I discovered some horrible, scary things about my sister.

1. She dislikes Kevin Rudd. Public policy? Fiscal policy? Nope: "his voice is whiney."
2. "I miss John Howard." "Why?" "Kevin Rudd has a whiney voice."
3. "Well - what policies do you support of Howards..."
"Immigration? Civil unions? Work Choices?"

Ultimately she bought into the interest rates lie. A homeowner of a few years, she really didn't want Labor to waltz in and raise her rates. Which is of course what happened - just like Johnny said. Right? Riiiight.

The saddest thing is there was no acknowledgment at the end of the debate we had that she had no basis to support him. In fact, all the points I made she agreed with. But still no substance to support for Howard.

Watching "The Howard Years" on ABC and it really confirms all of ones darkest thoughts about the Howard government. And the complete lack of critical insight held by the key players, just a slight sadness that his divisive, wedge politiking didn't earn him a seat to gracefully exit.

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Would she have voted against FDR because he was a cripple?

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